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Most nonprofits are losing funding because they confuse their donors!

When you communicate effectively, you raise more money and advance your cause. The problem is that most nonprofits are required to communicate and engage with a wide variety of stakeholders. This quickly turns into confusing messaging that costs your organization tons of money. When your communications and impact metrics are not clear and compelling. . . 

  • You lose donors
  • Volunteers stop serving
  • Foundations stop funding
  • You struggle to expand your reach
  • Your employees are less invested
  • Organizational growth halts

You are working tirelessly to advance your cause. You deserve to have access to all of the funding and resources you need to grow your organization and expand your reach!

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Growth Strategy Session

Ready to have a cohesive and customized growth plan? There are two key components that every nonprofits leader needs to implement in order to increase funding and grow their organization. . . 

1. Establish clear messaging guidelines

2. Communicate the impact you have on the communities you serve

The challenge with nonprofits is that they have to effectively communicate with many different stakeholders. These include individual donors, grants and foundations, volunteers, beneficiaries, employees, and board members. 

In just a few short hours, our team of nonprofit growth experts will give you the messaging tools and clear plan you need to raise more money and begin scaling your organizational impact. 

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Ongoing Service Offerings

Do you need a trusted partner to help you improve your communications to increase funding? Partner with our team to work with nonprofits experts dedicated to helping you sustainably increase funding and grow your nonprofit through: 

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Fundraising Campaigns
  • Impact Reports
  • Fundraising Scripts
  • & more!

If you feel like you are ready to increase funding and take your marketing and impact efforts to the next level, our ongoing services are for you. 

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*If you are looking to increase your organizational impact efforts, find our more here!

Data Driven Research

Data-Driven Research

StoryBrand Marketing

StoryBrand Marketing

Increase Your Impact

Increase Your Impact

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We will help you increase funding through clear communication strategies & insightful impact metrics. 


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Communicate Your Value

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How to Accelerate Fundraising

Nonprofit leaders are pulled in a million different directions and have little time and resources to dedicate to sustainable nonprofit growth. Each of our team members have worked in the nonprofit sector for many years, so we get it. We have been in your shoes and understand the challenges you face. 

But here is a little secret. There are two key ways to grow your nonprofit. . .

Social Impact Report Analysis

1.Increase donor engagement and retention. 
2. Increase funding from new and existing donors.
The problem is that donors and funders demand to know your impact. In fact, impact data is the #1 reason funders give to nonprofits. 

When nonprofits can clearly communicate their impact (their true value), they are empowered to attract new donors to their organization and raise more money from their donor base too. 

Clearly communicating your value is THE LEVER you need to pull to grow your nonprofit. 

It is the only path forward. 

Schedule a free discovery call to start communicating your value and accelerate your fundraising. We look forward to helping you grow your organization. 

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8 Reasons You Should Measure Social Impact

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8 Reasons You Should Measure
Social Impact

Many organizations fail to measure their social impact. 
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