Does your organization need a nonprofit consulting firm?

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Nonprofit organizations are filled with dedicated people who want to make a difference in the world. However, nonprofits face many unique challenges that can prevent them from achieving their goals, such as fundraising and securing funding, finding volunteers and attracting donors. Nonprofit consulting firms are here to help—and they can provide your organization with all […]

How to Evaluate Nonprofit Consultants

nonprofit consultant

Nonprofit organizations are a great way to bring much-needed services and activities to communities. But running a nonprofit isn’t easy! In fact, we often inform our clients that managing a nonprofit is significantly harder than operating a for-profit company! That is where a nonprofit consultant can come in to help you create clear strategies along […]

What are impact metrics and why do they matter?

impact metrics

Impact metrics are a set of measures that help us understand how our work is making an impact. They’re also important because they can be used to track progress over time, identify gaps in knowledge or services, and hold us accountable. What are impact metrics? Impact metrics are a set of measures that help you […]

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