5 Reasons You Need an Impact Report

impact report

5 Reasons You Need an Impact Report

There are many reasons our clients request impact reports. Which fits you best?

1. Demonstrate your Value

You work hard every day to bring value to your stakeholders. Let’s shout it from the rooftops! Articulate and display the value of your organization to stakeholders, donors, and constituents through an impact report.  

2. Serve your Constituents 

You know that you do great work.  So do your constituents. Great organizations are always planning ahead for ways they can improve their services. Use an impact report to identify your SROI (Social Return on Investment), measure your value, and fill gaps in your impact strategy.

3. Attract Smart Donors

Do you want to attract smart donors? Data shows that donors, granting organizations, trusts, and other funding bodies are increasingly seeking organizations that quantifiably measure the impact of their work. A data-based impact report which details your critical work shows donors your worth. Bring smart donors to you with an impact report from Social Impact Solutions.

4. Increase Funding

Your donors want to see the value of their generous giving. An impact report demonstrates how current funds are being utilized to serve your organization’s mission. Show your donors how much they mean to you. Solicit future giving through data with an impact report today.

5. Look to the Future

In today’s world, organizations need to be looking ahead. An impact report shows you exactly how much of a difference you’re making, and where you’re making it. Leverage this data to plan your organization’s future.

Are you ready to feel acknowledged, better serve your constituents, attract smart donors, increase funding, and project your future impact? Schedule a consultation with Social Impact Solutions today.

Know your value. Market your impact. Change the world.

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