5 Ways Measuring Your Social Impact Will Transform Your Organization


You’re a busy professional. You want to see your organization grow, and see your constituents better served. In unprecedented times like these, it can be unclear how to do either of those efficiently and effectively. Social Impact Solutions is here to help. Read on to learn how highlighting your value and impact through needs assessments, impact reports, and Storybrand marketing can transform your organization.

1. Increase Investment
Who doesn’t want to increase investment in their organization? Our Storybrand-certified marketing will help you communicate your value to the people that matter most.  Using a hero-centered narrative, your donors, constituents, and stakeholders will know they are the hero of your story – and want to investment their time and resources to help you grow.

2. Develop New Insights

You can’t advance without knowing where you are. Through our insightful needs assessments, your organization will see how you are currently performing, how your constituents feel, what your quality of performance is in relation to your industry, and most importantly – how you can grow. Order a needs assessment today to develop new insights into your organization.

3. Learn your Value

The most critical component of marketing yourself is truth. How are you really doing? What value do you actually bring? A Social Impact Solutions Impact Report answers these questions and more. Your Impact Report will identify what quantifiable value you bring to the people that matter most to you. It will do this in a format ready for sharing with your stakeholders. Learn your value, and communicate it to your stakeholders with an impact report.

4. Nurture Growth

If there’s one thing that every smart organization wants to do, it’s grow intelligently. You want to grow in ways which don’t overburden you, your team, or your wallet. How do you identify ways to grow sustainably and intelligently? Our needs assessments and impact reports identify areas of growth – and specifically the type of growth you actually want. Order yours today.

5. Create Targeted Value for your Constituents
We have spoken about how to nurture target growth. Now how do we make sure that growth translates into the type of value your constituents are seeking? Using both qualitative and quantitative analysis, Social Impact Solutions will advise you on what value your constituents are looking for, and how to create it.

Our team wants to help you break through uncertainty, increase investment, develop new insights, know your true value, nurture growth, and create targeted value for your constituents. Our needs assessments, impact reports, and impact marketing services exceed industry expectations. So what are you waiting for? Join the impact revolution and schedule a consultation today.

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