Welcome to Social Impact Solutions. We’re here to help you transform ideas into real insights. We start this process by measuring your impact. After all, you can’t change something if you don’t understand it, right? The best way to drive impact is to start by quantifiably knowing your impact. One of the most effective ways to know your impact is by using the theory of change method.

Social Impact Solutions utilizes the practical methodology and framework of Theory of Change as one of the core ways in which we measure your impact. The Theory of Change explains the process of change through causal links. In other words, it reverse engineers your desired goal, detailing the steps you need to take – and the order you need to take them in – to achieve your desired impact.

The Theory of Change can be used for virtually any initiative and for many types of organizations. Whether you’re a nonprofit trying to identify how to drive larger donations, a wellness organization that wants to better articulate how your services help keep clients healthier and happier, or any other organization with goals and a desire to achieve them – the theory of change is a good option for you.

So, what does this look like in practice for your organization when you partner with Social Impact Solutions?

1. Firstly you’ll sit down (or schedule a Zoom call) with our researchers to share your mission. We want to learn why you do what you do and what you hope to achieve. We understand how challenging organizational complexities can become and want to help you accomplish your mission. 

2. Next, our team will begin measuring your impact. We will look into how successful you are really achieving your stated goals, how satisfied your end-consumers or constituents are, as well as services they wish you were offering. In this stage, we will start to understand more of the issues and obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your desired impact.

3. Throughout this entire process, we will apply the theory of change method to identify the gap between your stated goals and reality – and how to bridge it. Through this process, Social Impact Solutions will guide your organization towards the growth you desire.


Using Theory of Change to Serve Your Organization 

“There is Nothing as Practical as Good Theory”.
We love this quote by Harvard researcher, Carol Weiss. We love this quote because it articulates a feeling which we hold very dear to our hearts. Theoretical frameworks provide the structure needed for consistent and lasting change. It’s easy to come up with ad hoc solutions or roadmaps for each problem that arises. And we know that as a leader, problems arise every day. By partnering with Social Impact Solutions, you know that we will use the same proven theory as the basis for all our social and economic impact reports, needs assessments, and more. We use good theory to create practical, applicable solutions.

Having a path.
Every organization needs a roadmap for change. The theory of change allows you to detail the path forward for you. It illustrates the destinations of progress and the routes of travel for your impact. This may include the metrics that matter to you (number of consumers served, institutional changes needed, partnerships created).

Evidence-based Change
You know that we will create a roadmap for you. You know that this roadmap will be designed on the basis of proven theories that create lasting returns for your organization. Finally, with Social Impact Solutions, you can trust that these roadmaps to lasting change are built on a basis of truth. Our expert researchers guarantee that our impact research will be conducted via a thorough review of primary and secondary data sources – with an emphasis on the accuracy of these sources. You can trust that the impact you see, and the growth we recommend, is based on facts. This means that your theory of change roadmap will be more accurate, more effective and help you drive the best impact for your organization.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation to drive your organization’s impact today.

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