Nonprofits often struggle to find donors, and donors often struggle to find nonprofits they can trust. The problem is that nonprofits need to position themselves as a social impact investment—something that will provide a return on the donor’s investment.

In today’s world, donors want to fund social impact. They don’t just want to give money away; they want their money to do something meaningful. 

Imagine Your Nonprofit Is An Investment

Pitching your nonprofit to donors is both an art and science. Nonprofits need to position their organization as a social impact investment, but how do you do that? 

When you think of your donors as investors and your nonprofit as a social impact investment, it reframes the entire conversation around how you raise money. Instead of asking people for money, you are providing a social impact opportunity for donors to invest in. Donors want to fund social impact, but they need to see the tangible results of their investment.

Your Nonprofit On Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their companies to successful investors. 

The entrepreneur’s goal is simple. Raise the necessary funds to grow their business to the next level. 

In exchange for investors’ money, the entrepreneur gives the investor a percentage of equity in their business. Why? 

Because the investors’ only goal is to make money on their investment. When they own a percentage of the entrepreneur’s business, they own the growth their money funded. It’s a simple exchange. 

 Your Nonprofit Is Making A Social Impact

Now imagine your nonprofit is a contestant on Shark Tank. Instead of raising money to grow a business, you are raising money to make a bigger impact on the people you serve. 

What do your investors want in exchange for their money?

They need to know the tangible impacts that their money created. 

If you don’t think of your donors like investors, they will leave you and fund someone else who does. 

How do you get donors excited about investing in your nonprofit? How do you convince them that they will receive a return on their investment by giving money to your organization?

Make it easy for donors to see your nonprofit as an investment:

Quick Tips To Get Started:

– Make sure your mission and goals are clearly stated on your website and in other materials

– Create a list of impact metrics that donors can see the progress towards each year

– Include impact reports from past years in your materials so donors can understand how much money is needed and how it will be used

Social Impact Consultants can help you position your nonprofit as an investment

Social impact consultants are experts in helping nonprofits measure their impact and communicate their mission and goals effectively to attract more donors and raise more funds. 

When donors understand that their donation will make a real difference in the world, they are more likely to give generously. 

Social impact consultants know how to translate complex ideas into language that anyone can understand and explain why giving is important to the cause at hand.

If you’re a nonprofit that needs to raise more funds, it’s past time to think about positioning your organization as a social impact investment.

How To Start Measuring & Marketing Your Impact

Nonprofits need to position themselves as social impact investments so donors can see them as efficient and effective organizations. Social Impact Solutions can help you do this by educating donors on how your nonprofit is making an impact in the lives of those around you.

Social Impact Solutions will also help you:

  1. Determine which impact metrics are most appropriate for your organization
    • For the people you serve
    • Metrics your donors care most about
  2. Help you measure the impact your nonprofit creates
    • Needs Assessments
    • Impact Strategies
    • Impact Studies
  3. Convert Impact Data into Fundraising Collateral
    • Our team of nonprofit consultants, impact experts, and marketers know how to turn data into actionable insights that will invigorate your donor base. 

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In order to pitch your nonprofit as a social impact investment, you need to make it easy for donors to see your organization as an investment. Here are some tips:

1) Make it clear what social impact you are making

2) Tell donors how they can measure their investment in your cause

3) Show them how they can get involved with the project or program that they support

Social Impact Consultants can help you position your nonprofit as an investment so that donors can see your organization as something they want to support.

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