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of major donors stated their #1 reason for giving was the organization’s impact.

*Social Solutions Survey

2 out of 3

funders claims that positive outcomes are the best indicator for nonprofit impact.

*Foundation Report Study

The Majority

of millennials are concerned with quantifying social change to maximize their impact.

*Millennial Impact Report

Do Funders Struggle To Understand Your Value?

Donors Demand Impact Data!

We know you desire to bring remarkable change to the world and want to make a tremendous impact.

In order to do that, you need to prove your value to your funders. It’s important to remember that. . . 

Without Quality Impact Data, Nonprofits Will Lose Legitimacy, Relevance, & Their Donor Base. 

Your Impact Report Is Your Most Valuable Fundraising Asset

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“The level of research, detail, and partnership demonstrated by Social Impact Solutions has been top-notch.”

“Before our work with Social Impact Solutions, we did not have a process in place for surveying or tracking the needs or impact of the organization. Now, I am confident that we are on the right path to measuring our impact and scaling our organization.”

“I feel so much more certain about who we are and the value we bring to the world.”

“Social Impact Solutions helped us pivot our organization to become much more impact oriented AND helped us scale our fundraising all during the middle of COVID-19. We are in better shape financially than ever before and enthusiastic about our future.”

What's Included With My Impact Report?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will only need to commit a maximum of 3 hours to your Impact Strategy Session and we will take care of the rest. 

If you want to use your impact report to communicate your unique value to truly increase funding, copying another organization’s impact report will not suffice. 

No! Impact data is essential for growth. It tells you what is working and what needs to be improved. Embrace the facts and grow!

After receiving your impact report, if you believe that we haven’t delivered on everything we promised, we will give a complimentary Growth Strategy Session. 

During that session you will get: 

  1. Access to your Next 10 Donors through our donor analysis process. 
  2. Crystal clear marketing collateral to grow with your ideal donors. 
  3. A step-by-step plan to scale your marketing and fundraising without adding excess cost.

Yes! We work with all kinds of organizations with and without data. We know how to help you measure and market your impact no matter where you are in the impact process!

Our team has 25+ years of combined experience helping nonprofit organizations increase funding, retain donors, and attract new donors and volunteers. We have helped our clients raise millions of dollars, and we want to do the same for you!

Once we have helped your develop a strong impact strategy and created your fundraising collateral, our clients typically see a dramatic increase in funding. This is because over 97% of donors give based on an organization’s real impact and are eager to fund legitimate change

Additionally, you will find new ways to provide more value to your beneficiaries at lower costs (which only increases your organization’s impact!). This creates a virtuous cycle with your aligned donors and target beneficiaries and allows you to scale your organization’s impact and fundraising simultaneously. 

Get free insights on proven communication strategies & techniques to help create lasting change!