The Importance of Marketing Social Impact

Marketing Social Impact

Your social impact data is one of the strongest pieces of information you can use as a marketing tool. Here are three reasons why: 

1) Impact data proves your true value. 

2) Impact data tells a story. 

3) Impact provides a clear message.



When appealing to your clients, constituents, or donors they must know the value you are providing to them and the community. What better way than to use hard data to prove this value. Your social impact data outlines and highlights the effectiveness of your organization or company. It also shows stakeholders how much good they will be doing when they partner with you. Marketing social impact data proves your value and seals the deal for clients and donors to choose you!



It is crucial to create marketing content and campaigns for your organization that has a story your donors can sympathize with and relate to. Your story can be told through the impact data you collect. Are you helping end hunger in Uganda? The data will tell the story of where you started, how many lives you have impacted, and where you are going. Whatever your organization’s cause is, when you have the data, you have a story to share. Start sharing your story and connecting with your stakeholders when you market your impact data. 



The third reason for marketing your impact is perhaps one of the most important. As simple as it sounds, creating a clear message allows people to understand and connect with your organization. When you are confusing, people forget you. Your impact data is the perfect information to help you create a clear message and connect to your audience. 

At Social Impact Solutions, we will help you clarify your message by using the proven methods of StoryBrand marketing. In our marketing package, you will receive:

  • StoryBrand Brandscripts, One-liner & Tagline
  • Website wireframes
  • Lead generating PDF/impact report
  • Email campaigns
  • Donor scripts

All of this marketing collateral will be centered around your organization’s impact.

If you are ready to start marketing social impact so you can grow your company or organization, schedule a free consultation today

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