Proud Sponsors of the Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference

Lifestyle medicine 2021 conference

ACLM Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference


Social Impact Solutions is excited to announce that we have the opportunity to sponsor the American College of Lifestyle Medicine¬†Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference! We are very passionate about serving public health, nutrition, and healthcare companies, and we can’t think of a better way to serve this industry than to be part of this year’s conference. Social Impact Solutions’ Co-founder and Chief or Research and Operations, Lauren Vanderpool, is DipACLM certified, has a Masters in Nutrition, and is working on her Doctorate in Public Health. She is exceptionally passionate about Lifestyle Medicine, behavior change, and helping healthcare professionals implement lasting change in the lives of their patients.

At Social Impact Solutions, we help public health and nutrition companies measure and market their impact in a variety of ways. Here are our three most prevalent impact marketing deliverables…


1. Impact Strategy Sessions

During our 4-6 hour impact strategy sessions we help clients better understand how to practically measure and market their impact. We use StoryBrand marketing frameworks to walk companies through the process of creating a BrandScript, one-liner, and overall marketing game plan specifically geared toward their target market.

2. Impact Sales Funnels

An impact sales funnel contains everything included in a typical marketing sales funnel with an emphasis on the impact you have on your community. Our marketing impact sales funnels include a website wireframe, a beautifully designed lead-generating PDF, and a series of nurture emails. Each marketing deliverable will highlight your value and further help you market your impact to existing clients, new leads, and even your employees and internal team!

3. Impact Email Campaigns

Impact email nurture campaigns are a great way to engage existing clients and potential clients in a consistent manner over the longterm. It can take a surprisingly long time for many people to decide they need your product or service, particularly when it comes to health and behavior change. 52-week email nurture campaigns give you the opportunity to highlight your value and market your impact each week of the year to close new leads and keep customers engaged.


We are thrilled to be involved in the Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference and elated to be part of such a remarkable organization doing such wonderful work to ensure people around the world are living happier, healthier lives! Click here to find out more about the Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference, this year’s speakers, exhibitors, research presentations, and so much more!

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