Does Your Audience Know Your Impact? Here Are 3 Ways To Tell Them

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How To Communicate Your Impact

As summer is winding down and Q4 is just around the corner, we know how stressful it can feel to tackle so many big projects before the end of the year. If you are feeling the pressure and need help measuring and/or marketing your value the Social Impact Solutions team is here to help you!

Read on to learn about our three primary offerings and how they can help you grow your organization this year.

Measure The Short-Term & Long-Term Effects of Your Products and Programs


Donors and investors have many different values, backgrounds, and biases. At the end of the day, they need to be assured that your organization is having a positive effect on people and the planet. In order to prove that you are (or at the very least aim to), you need to identify the real effects you have on constituents and consumers through clearly formatted and accessible data analysis. We believe that every company and nonprofit should measure and market its impact, which is what we provide in our social and economic impact reports.

Our expert researchers design your impact report to identify exactly how you are serving your constituents both qualitatively and quantitatively. This pdf-formatted report can easily be added to any marketing materials or stakeholder information sessions to demonstrate your real value to the people that matter the most. Whether you use it as an annual report, a lead generator for your website, a tool to advocate for change internally, or all the above – an impact report is an invaluable asset for your organization

Curate Your Messaging For Appropriate Audiences

As an agent of social change, you have many different audiences that you must appeal to. In order to effectively communicate to them, you must have clear guidelines for how you talk to donors, investors, employees, stakeholders, and so much more. It is paramount that your messaging is specifically catered to each audience so the truth of your impact can be best understood and eliminate opportunities for confusion. Too many leaders confuse themselves, their team, and their stakeholders by leveraging the same message across all channels. This is a dire mistake and can wreck any momentum you have worked so hard to create.

Articulate the unique importance of your organization to stakeholders through our Storybrand-Certified marketing materials and sales funnels. These include website wireframes, lead-generating pdfs (like our impact report above), email campaigns, sales and donor scripts that highlight your impact, and more. Our marketing materials are directly tied to your data and written in a manner that highlights your true value. Partner with Social Impact Solutions for reliable, effective, and no-nonsense marketing materials.

Find Ways To Continuously Improve Your Products and Programs

Pinpoint opportunities for development with a Needs Assessment. Want to learn how you’re really doing? You need to eliminate assumptions and gather some data. The Social Impact Solutions research team will help you develop surveys, determine constituent/customer needs, and so much more. Our team aggregates this data and provides evidence-based recommendations on the direction your organization can go to reach even greater heights. Become one of the few social leaders brave enough to embrace data. We understand that impact data can reflect poorly on your product or programs but are confident that you will make game-changing decisions to positively improve the lives of your stakeholders. 

You are creating change, and we know you want to highlight this in end-of-year reports, fundraising efforts, and even internal team training. Whether it’s identifying your impact through our social and economic reports, or articulating your mission through our Storybrand-Certified marketing materials, our team is here to help you know your value and market your impact.

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