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If you’re anything like us, you like to have all the information before diving into a project. That’s why we wrote this blog to introduce you to the core Social Impact Solutions team. Here’s who will be helping you measure and market your impact:

Lauren Vanderpool: Co-founder, Director of Research & Operations
As our director of research and operations, Lauren ensures our internal team is efficient and effective in order to provide high-quality deliverables for each and every Social Impact Solutions client. Lauren holds an MS in Nutrition from Clemson University and a BS in Health Sciences from Oklahoma State University. She is a certified member and diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a published, peer-reviewed author in the fields of nutrition and public health. Lauren brings practicality, excellence, and evidence-based research strategies to our team, and she is excited to use her skills to help our clients grow their organizations, expand their reach, and better serve constituents!

John Mark Vanderpool: Co-founder, Director of Business Solutions
As our director of business solutions, John Mark is an expert at finding high-quality, yet practical solutions for Social Impact Solutions clients and our internal team. He holds an MBA from Clemson University and a BS in International Relations and Affairs from Texas A&M University. John Mark has extensive experience helping businesses and organizations increase revenue by measuring and marketing their true value. He does a remarkable job helping our clients develop a strategy that can be quickly implemented, and he looks forward to supporting you through this process too.

Lexi Woodfin: Chief of Staff & Digital Marketing
As our chief of staff, Lexi is our team lead for coordinating internal projects. She is highly organized and ensures client goals are achieved in a timely and quality manner. Lexi is also our team lead in digital design. You’ll see her hand at work in digital content and design throughout our internal and client marketing deliverables. Lexi is passionate about making the world a better place, and she is thrilled to work with Social Impact Solutions clients making this a reality on a daily basis.

Josephine Cahill: Solutions Coordinator
As our solutions coordinator, Josephine is the team point person for operations management. She’s here to make sure your Social Impact Solutions experience runs smoothly and efficiently. She is also an active member of our research team, analyzing best practices across businesses and academic journals to make informed recommendations for your organization. Josephine holds her MA from the University of Edinburgh in Ancient History. She’s excited to deliver smart, effective impact reports for your organization.

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You work too hard to not have your true impact exhibited to the people that matter. It’s time for your stakeholders to see your organization’s value through real impact data.

Social Impact Solutions is here to help. Through meticulous, evidence-based research and proven marketing methods, we will turn your data into a report that you can use as marketing collateral to prove your impact. This impact report will help you score that large grant, land that pitch, and ultimately know how to serve your constituents better.

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