Turning New Donors into Ongoing Supporters

new donors to ongoing supports

Nurturing your donors over time is no easy task, but starting off on the right foot is a critical component of donor engagement, especially for donors who are new to your organization. New donors are likely invested in the cause you support, but they may not be fully aware of the work you do or the available opportunities to engage with your organization. Here is an outline for you to use to onboard new donors via an effective email series.

Nurture New Donors Using this Onboarding Email Series Outline


Email #1

Introduction and Friendly Welcome

  • Express gratitude for new donors’ support
  • Briefly introduce your organization’s mission and impact
  • Highlight the importance of donors’ contributions and how it helps fulfill your mission

Email #2 

Your Impact in Action

  • Share a success story or case study showcasing your organization’s work
  • Highlight the specific outcomes achieved through donor contributions
  • Illustrate the direct impact their support has on the lives of those served

Email #3 

Get to Know the Organization

  • Introduce key members of your organization’s team
  • Provide a brief overview of your organization’s history, milestones, and accomplishments
  • Invite the donor to explore your organization’s website, social media channels, and other relevant resources

Email #4 

Exclusive Donor Benefits and Opportunities

  • Explain any exclusive benefits or perks available to donors (e.g., access to special events, newsletters, updates)
  • Emphasize the donor’s importance as a valued member of your organization’s community
  • Encourage the donor to actively engage with your organization’s activities and initiatives

Email #5 

Thank You, Once Again!

  • Reiterate gratitude for the donor’s support
  • Emphasize the collective impact they are making alongside other supporters
  • Express excitement about the journey ahead and clearly inform the new donor of how they can stay engaged in the coming weeks/months

We know how difficult it is to find new donors and maintain donor engagement over the long term. We hope this free resource is valuable to you and your team as you continue to press forward and advance your mission. 

If you need help creating an onboarding email series for new donors, schedule a free discovery call or inquire with our team via [email protected].

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