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Strategy Sessions

Ready to have a cohesive & customized growth plan? There are two key components that every nonprofit leader needs to implement in order to increase funding and grow their organization. 

  1. Establish clear messaging guidelines
  2. Communicate the impact you have on the communities you serve


The challenge with nonprofits is that they have to effectively communicate with many different stakeholders. These include individual donors, grants and foundations, volunteers, beneficiaries, employees, and board members. 

In just a few short hours, our team of nonprofit growth experts will give you the messaging tools and clear plan you need to raise more money and begin scaling your organizational impact. 

Ongoing Communications & Marketing Services

Has your organization or business become stagnant? We will help you create a clear marketing strategy that will revamp the way you communicate your organization’s value.

We will help you clarify your message by using the proven methods of StoryBrand marketing. In our marketing package, you will receive:

● StoryBrand Brandscripts, One-liner & Tagline
● Website wireframes
● Lead generating PDFs
● Email campaigns
● Donor scripts

All of this marketing collateral will be centered around your organization’s social and economic impact.

Knowing your social impact is critical. When you effectively market your impact you can increase funding and grow your organization. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Impact Reports

Are you confused, don’t know where to start, and stressed by the huge demand to provide funders with impact data? Let us help you turn data into an impact report that you can use as powerful marketing collateral that proves your impact. 

When you have an impact report that effectively lays out all the value you provide and numbers behind the impact you create, you can leverage this information in many ways. You can use your impact report for marketing efforts, pitches to granting organizations, and even to unify your internal team. Your organization is doing great things. Let us bring the numbers to life so you can know your true impact and real value. 

You, your team, and your organization work way too hard not to know your true impact. We can help you change that. Schedule a call today to start leveraging your social impact report and accelerate your funding. 






Your Impact

It's Time to Know Your Value!

Many organizations do not know their true value. We will help you measure and market your social and economic impact. When organizations know their impact, they can confidently market their value, increase revenue, and better serve constituents.


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