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Your organization knows how critical data is to success. You know that donors, stakeholders, and grantmakers invest in projects in which they can see the clear value. Let’s put that even more simply: smart investors invest in impact. Social Impact Solutions believes data speaks louder than anything else.

The Bridgespan Group, a major nonprofit impact think tank, recently released this study on how high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), family office directors, fund managers, and other stakeholders view impact-first investment. It’s worth a read. But Social Impact Solutions knows that you’re busy creating value for your constituents. So let us summarize this for you. Our key takeaways for your organization are:

1. Impact is relevant
In a past year of monumental social movements, investors are seeking measurable demonstrations of impact on these macro-scale concerns. For example, the MacArthur Foundation, partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network (heavyweights of philanthropy), launched the $150 million Catalytic Capital Consortium. This money is fully allocated towards impact-first funds.

2. Impact is growing
Across industry sectors, impact and social-good investments are growing. The Global Impact Investment Network reported that 7.5% of new investments, or $3.5 billion, were deployed towards impact-first investments.

3. Impact is the future
We know that impact is growing. More than that, we know why. 82% of family offices believe that the world’s wealthiest individuals are focused on global challenges. Furthermore, 65% of family offices feel they have a role to play in alleviating global economic inequality. These investors see impact as the future. You should too.

We now know that clear and accurate impact reporting is one of the most critical determinants of your organization’s ability to attract smart investors. So what does this mean for you?

It means that, more than ever before, measuring and marketing your social and economic impact is crucial. With one of Social Impact Solutions’ impact reports, you can identify the impact you have on your constituents.  Then, apply that impact to drive these smart investors towards you. Through Social Impact Solutions’ Storybrand-certified marketing, you can target the investors that matter.

Are you ready to put your impact first? Schedule a consultation to develop your impact report today.

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