We hear ideas for change and development every day. As a leader, we’re sure you do too. Rarely do these suggestions and ideas come from an impact-first mindset. From stakeholders to your friends and family, everyone has an opinion on how to run your organization. These opinions may be about what direction you should go in, the communities you should serve, or the way you should articulate and market your mission. We love these ideas – they reflect the passion and commitment which you inspire in stakeholders. However, at Social Impact Solutions, we value evidence-based impact above anything else. That evidence is what drives the success of an impact-first business like yours.

Recommendations are easy to come by. Recommendations based on the irrefutable evidence of hard data can be hard to find. Social Impact Solutions is here to help. Our team is dedicated to measuring and marketing your impact through proven marketing frameworks and evidence-based research. Read on to learn how we make factual data a central component in all that we do.


Our team values impact-first thinking, we want your team to do the same!


Firstly, as a certified partner of Sopact, a leading impact measurement group, all of our researchers are trained in cutting-edge impact measurement techniques. When measuring your impact for our social and economic impact reports, our team conducts rigorous examinations of primary and secondary data from your organization to identify which impact metrics matter most to your constituents and how exactly you are performing against these benchmarks. This performance data becomes the basis for your impact report, an accessible PDF that shows your stakeholders why they should be proud to be a part of your community.

Secondly, evidence-based research is central to the process of developing a needs assessment for your organizationThis process begins with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative surveying of your constituency. Our team will develop questions custom-tailored for your organization’s specific mission. These will include qualitative examinations of the human side of your business (“What is the best way this organization currently supports you?”), and quantitative scales designed to identify trends in your constituent data on a macro-scale (“On a scale of 1-10, how is the organization currently delivering on your expectations as a client?”).

From these surveying practices and an examination of your organization in the context of your industry as a whole, we can examine what the greatest needs of your constituents are, how you’re delivering on them, and what your constituents’ demographic makeup is. Through this process, Social Impact Solutions ensures that any recommendations we make are grounded in a deep understanding of your mission and community.

Using impact metrics and evidence  is critical for success. Through impact data, you can cut through the fluff and buzzwords of the (unsolicited) advice which surrounds you and be confident in the decisions you are making. With impact data, you know how to act on the ideas you have and exactly how they will contribute to your mission overall. With impact data, you can flourish.

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