What Is A Needs Assessment?

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Congratulations! You took the first step to scale your organization. You made it to the Social Impact Solutions website. Not only that, you’re so keen that you checked out our blog. It’s clear that you’re excited to create change for your organization. That energy is the first step towards transformation. The second step is a needs assessment.

Our needs assessments are built for organizations and business leaders who are working hard to create real and lasting change. You spend every day working tirelessly to advance your organization’s mission. You can see the change you are making for your constituents and customers. However, you’re busy and tired. You might even feel stuck in the weeds. When you are working so hard to deliver, it can be hard to take a step back and view your organization from a bird’s-eye view.

Does any of this description resonate with you? If so, then a needs assessment might be just the thing you need. Our needs assessments are designed to take a look at your organization from the perspective of everyone that matters. These viewpoints include those of your constituents, stakeholders, and even your competition.

First, our team will meet with your leadership for a consultation to determine what a successful needs assessment will look like for the unique scope of your organization. This needs assessment process includes:

1.  Developing surveys which ask your constituents what they really need
and whether you are currently succeeding at meeting these needs.
2. Executing on those surveys, handling the rollout, follow-up, and
collection of survey data.
3. Analyzing survey data (both past and present) to quantitatively
identify trends in your constituents’ needs.
4. Compiling primary and secondary data from a range of sources to
bolster these findings.
5. Analyzing peers in your field to see what they are doing best, and how
your organization ‘ranks’ amongst similar groups.


Once our research team has finished executing this strategic research campaign, our marketing and design team kicks into action. These experts in articulating impact take our research findings and build them into a beautifully designed report. This report is clean and shareable so you can share it with stakeholders, donors, investors, etc. This report is user-friendly and actionable, ready to use in fundraising campaigns, presentations, or even as a lead generator on your website.

Schedule a free consultation to find out more about starting a needs assessment with Social Impact Solutions.

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