What is Social Impact?

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Listen – we get it. Everyone is throwing the newest buzzwords at you. It feels like you’re constantly being sold on the newest thing – when it’s clear that the folks selling it don’t understand it themselves. It’s exhausting. With that in mind, why would you spend your valuable time attempting to understand a buzzword like Social Impact?

Social Impact Solutions wants to cut through the nonsense. Through impact reports, needs assessment, and Storybrand-certified marketing, we show our clients how to communicate in a measurable and accessible manner.

Let’s apply that same degree of clarity and transparency to ourselves. Let us show you exactly what we are offering, how it works, and what your ROI will be. Today, we will use this blog to do that by explaining:
1. What Social Impact is
2. How we apply this theory for your organization’s benefit

1. What is Social Impact?
Think back to the last time you explained what your organization does. You’re in a room (or these days a Zoom), speaking to a stakeholder. How did you explain your company? You probably say what you do, and how you’re performing financially. Are you in the red? Green? Do you have investors running to your door? You’re good at articulating your financial success, because you know how to. There’s a clear vocabulary to measure and articulate your financial solvency. But how do you articulate the other benefits you bring to the table?

Social Impact is all those other critical components of your success. It’s the resources you provide your constituents. It’s the number of satisfied constituents you support every month. It’s the community that you have built around your organization. Your social impact is the non-fiscal, measurable ways you impact your constituents. It matters a lot.

Your Social Impact is the heart behind your business. It’s the stories and features that grab stakeholders, and potential donors or investors, and demonstrate your real value. If you aren’t articulating it, you’re making a mistake.

2. How do we utilize Social Impact
The toughest thing about articulating your social impact is that its ease of measurability does not reflect its importance. It’s hard to just pull out your receipt book and make an analysis. Think of us as your Social Impact Accountants.

Our team of experts analyze your organizational data to identify your real social and economic impact. We then compile this data into an impact report. This impact report will identify exactly how you are performing, and where you are adding value. That’s the first step off of your plate.

Then, we take your value and make it work for you. To do this, we translate your impact report into marketing materials. We’ll build the materials which are most useful for you. This could be wireframes, the verbiage and pacing of your future nurture campaign emails, a lead-generating pdf, taglines for your organization, or donor scripts – we’ll make it happen. Our team are fully Storybrand-trained, and your marketing materials will reflect this high-caliber of value.

Through the combination of this impact report (which measures your impact), and your new marketing materials (which articulate your impact), you’ll be ready to go. You can now explain your value beyond just the numbers. Through Social Impact, you’ve found a new way to engage your volunteers and employees in the mission they are contributing to. Furthermore, you’ve got an arsenal of materials with which to drive new interest from stakeholders, investors, grantmakers, and even new customers.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation to measure and market your social impact today.

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