Why Social Impact Solutions Exists

Social Impact Solutions

We are so excited to announce that Keowee Labs is changing its name to Social Impact Solutions.

We want you to know that we will remain StoryBrand certified and will continue to help clients implement the StoryBrand framework across their organization. In addition, we are committed to helping clients measure and market their social and economic impact.

Nonprofits and corporations alike are under intense pressure to prove their organization’s value and market their impact accordingly. This is why we are rebranding as Social Impact Solutions.

Many organizations fail to measure and report their social and economic impact. When organizations don’t know their value, they lose funding and struggle to grow. We help you capture and analyze valuable data to report your true impact.

When you know your organization’s impact, you can confidently market your value, increase funding, and better serve constituents.

Whether you are looking for an impact report, need help marketing your impact, or would like to take an in-depth study of your organization’s impact, we are here to help you!

➔ Social Impact Reports

When you have a report that effectively lays out all the numbers of your social and economic impact, you can leverage this information in many ways. Use the information from this report in your marketing, pitches to granting organizations, and to unify your internal team. Your organization is doing great things. Let us bring the numbers to life so you can know your value.

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➔ StoryBrand Marketing

We will help you clarify your message by using the proven methods of StoryBrand marketing. In our marketing package, you will receive:

– StoryBrand BrandScript, One-liner & Tagline
– Website wireframes
– Lead generating PDFs
– Email campaigns
– Donor scripts

All of this marketing collateral will be centered around your organization’s social and economic impact.

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➔ Social & Economic Impact Studies

We can help your organization know your true impact. We do this by implementing data capture systems and data analytics. Once the results are analyzed, you will know your real social & economic impact.

This impact study will help you score that large grant, land that pitch, and ultimately know how to serve your constituents better.

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At Social Impact Solutions, we know it can be challenging to measure and report your impact. We believe that you deserve to know your real value and the impact you have in your community!

When organizations measure their impact, they are empowered to create a better world!

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