Your Impact is Clearer with Storybrand

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Your Impact is Clearer with Storybrand

If you take a look at our website (or at our 8 reasons you should measure your impact), you’ll probably see the same few words everywhere: data, impact, and Storybrand. What does “Storybrand” actually mean? How is it useful for your organization as you use data to better measure and market your impact?

Let’s talk about how the Storybrand framework is a uniquely valuable method for you to market your organization from a data-based perspective. Then, we’ll look at this from three perspectives: stakeholders, clients, and you.

What is Storybrand?
Storybrand is a framework for marketing your value to your constituents. This framework centers your constituents as the main character in the story of your organization. Through this framework, the character is guided towards a greater understanding of how your organization can help them find success. This is detailed in a 7 part framework proven to enhance your marketing efforts.

Our team is fully trained and certified through Storybrand. We will work to deeply understand your organization, your constituents, and your mission from a data-based perspective. Within this foundation of knowledge, Social Impact Solutions will deliver impact reports and social and economic impact studies within a Storybrand framework that your constituents can relate to.

What makes this framework valuable for you?

Your Stakeholders & Storybrand
Your stakeholders are smart, informed, and engaged. They care about your impact. Whether these stakeholders are investors, donors, or grantmakers, they want to know your impact. Make this discovery process easy for them with a Storybranded Impact Report. This clear and story-driven narrative will allow your stakeholders to quickly grasp how important the work you are doing is, and how it has value for them.

Your Clients & Storybrand
Your existing constituents deserve high-quality service. Your potential constituents deserve to know exactly how you can help them. You can deliver both of these clearly and effectively with Storybrand marketing. Market and communicate your value with Storybrand brandscripts, wireframes, lead generating pdfs, email campaigns, and more – all with Social Impact Solutions.

Storybrand & You
Finally, how can Storybrand help you? You work hard. You’re in the weeds of your business every day. Let Social Impact Solutions step in and give you a research-driven third-party perspective. Better understand your organizations’ current impact, areas for development through a social and economic impact report. Schedule a consultation to learn more today.


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